Do You Sweat Too Much? There’s a Cure!

visit this×192.jpg” alt=”cure excessive sweating” srcset=”×192.jpg 300w,×491.jpg 768w, 866w,×192@2x.jpg 600w” sizes=”(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px” Do you avoid shaking hands with people? Do you carry tissues or a towel with you in case of excess sweat? Are you afraid to raise your hand in class or lift your arms in public because you have to deal with excess sweating? If these are concerns you have on a consistent basis, you may be suffering from Hyperhidrosis. Did you know that there is actually a way to cure excessive sweating?

Primary focal Hyperhidrosis affects approximately one to three percent of the population and is the main cause of excessive sweating. This type of excessive sweating is not the symptom of a medical problem or the side effect of a medication; it is a medical condition. It occurs in targeted areas or focal areas of the body, the most common being the palms, the soles of your feet, the underarms, and the forehead or face.

Sweating when you are hot, when you’ve been engaged in vigorous physical activity, or when you’re especially nervous or anxious about something is normal. Those with primary focus Hyperhidrosis, however, experience excessive sweating throughout the day for no reason. If you can answer “yes” to at least two of the following questions, it is likely that you could benefit from Hyperhidrosis treatments.

  1. Did you begin to experience excess sweating before age 25?
  2. Does sweating interfere with your daily life and impair everyday activities?
  3. Do you experience this at least once a week?
  4. Do you sweat the same amount on both sides of your body?
  5. Do other members of you family suffer from a similar excessive sweating problem?
  6. Do you stop sweating when you sleep?

The other type of Hyperhidrosis is called secondary generalized Hyperhidrosis. This excessive sweating is caused by a medication or a separate medical condition. Those who suffer from this type of excess sweating experience sweating on larger areas of the body. In other words, the sweating will be more spread out and “generalized”, rather than in specific areas.

The estimated 8 million Americans with Hyperhidrosis report sweating up to five times as much as the average person. A whole 90% of patients with this condition say that their symptoms affect their emotional state, most reporting a lack of confidence due to their condition. Many do not seek help because they don’t realize that there is a treatment to cure excessive sweating.

So how do you cure excessive sweating? Iontophoresis, or use of a “no-sweat machine”, was introduced over 50 years ago. Six to 10 treatments can shut down the sweat glands, relieving the patient of excess sweating symptoms. A study has shown that iontophoresis reduced sweating in patients by 81%.

Talk to your doctor to learn more about iontophoresis and other ways to manage your excessive sweating.

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