Hidrex USA, LLC is a US-based and American owned venture that has partnered with Hidrex GmbH (Germany), a manufacturer of various medical products, including their highly rated iontophoresis machines. Hidrex USA was formed in January 2015 to introduce select Hidrex products to North, Central, and South America, as Hidrex products have been providing healthcare solutions to the European market for over 35 years.

While our DP450 remains popular, our best-seller is the revolutionary DVP1000 Variable Pulsed Current (VPC) iontophoresis machine.

You can learn more about Hidrex rehab and biomedical products¬†at www.hidrex.de. You can also learn more about Hidrex TWI devices at www.hidrex.com. Please let us know if there is a product you’re interested in that’s not on the Hidrex USA website.

Over 20,000 devices sold worldwide

tap water iontophoresis treatment for sweaty hands

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