How to Control Excessive Sweating

If you’re one of the countless people dealing with hyperhidrosis — experts estimate around 2-3% of the population has this condition — you’ve probably wondered many times about how to cure excessive sweating.

The frustrating thing is, there’s really no way to cure the excessive sweating you experience with hyperhidrosis unless you opt for an invasive surgical procedure with the high risk of developing compensatory sweating in other bodily areas. With a few exceptions, most people will find that less invasive options are sufficient to treat hyperhidrosis and alleviate the symptoms so that they don’t interfere with daily activities.

Right now, we aren’t going to focus on how to cure excessive sweating — instead, let’s take a look at how to control it:

  • First off, it goes without saying that an anti-perspirant deodorant should be your best friend. Remember that deodorant only covers up body odor; an antiperspirant reduces sweating by plugging the sweat ducts. However, you’ve probably found that most of the products sold over-the-counter in your drugstore aren’t really effective no matter which brand you use, so you may want to ask your doctor for a prescription antiperspirant.
  • Avoiding certain triggers are another way to avoid excessive sweating. While you probably don’t want to avoid exercising, you may find that it helps to avoid consuming too much caffeine, alcohol, and/or hot sauces and spices.
  • Prescription medication is another option often suggested for how to control excessive sweating. Certain medications may be more effective than other treatment options, especially if you experience hyperhidrosis in a specific non-armpit region such as your hands, feet, or face.
  • Tap water iontophoresis (TWI) is one treatment method that has become pretty popular in recent years — and it just so happens to be what Hidrex USA is all about. This is a simple procedure that doesn’t require the use of medications or prescriptions, and it’s very effective for the hands, feet and underarms. With TWI, you’ll place your hands and/or feet into a basin of water (or a special water-soaked pad in your armpits), and then a mild electric current is sent through that water. The current is filled with ions, which run across the skin and “turn off” your sweat ducts temporarily. It doesn’t hurt and it only takes about 15 minutes for one session; when your body begins adjusting to the treatment, you’ll most likely want to schedule these sessions once a week.

For more information about how to control excessive sweating, explore the DP450 iontophoresis machine or the DVP1000 iontophoresis machine.

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