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Stop the Sweat: 5 Ways You Can Control Odor From Excessive Sweating

by | Jul 30, 2018

control odor from excessive sweatingAre you always sweating? If you are, you might have hyperhidrosis. You also know that your constant sweating produces unappealing odors, and they can be hard to deal with. Here are some tricks you can try to control odor from excessive sweating.

Watch your diet
Most people know that your diet can affect your breath. If you eat a bunch of onions, everyone around you is going to know. Did you know, though, that what you eat can affect your body odor, too? Foods that are particularly smelly, like spicy foods, cause smelly bacteria to come out of your pores, which mix with your sweat. So, if you want to control odor from excessive sweating, avoid spicy, smelly foods.

Thouroughly dry off after a shower
When your skin is dry, it’s harder for bacteria that causes body odor to breed. Make sure to thoroughly dry yourself off after a shower to help yourself out in the long run.

Try apple cider vinegar
This may sound odd, but applying apple cider vinegar right on your armpits after a shower can help you reduce your body odor. The vinegar lowers the pH levels of your skin, which reduces odor-causing bacteria.

Wear breathable fabrics
Natural fibers like cotton and linen are going to be your best friend if you sweat a lot. These fabrics are very breathable and will help you reduce your odor from sweating.

Apply antiperspirant at night
Finally, you can try applying your antiperspirant before bed to control your odor from sweating. When you apply it before you go to sleep, it allows the product to work while you’re sleeping and not sweating.

If you want to control odor from excessive sweating from hyperhidrosis, watch what you eat, dry off after a shower, apply apple cider vinegar, wear breathable fabrics, and apply an antiperspirant before bed. More than 90% of hyperhidrosis patients say that their condition affects their emotional state. According to a survey, most patients reported feeling less confident because of their condition. Don’t let your heavy sweating stop you from enjoying your life. Contact us today to talk about treatment options for hyperhidrosis.


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