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How Hyperhidrosis Treatments Can Relieve Your Anxiety

by | Oct 22, 2015

hyperhidrosis treatmentsBetween stressful social situations and busy work schedules, there are already more than enough things to feel anxious about in everyday life. However, while most of us may worry about our sweat after rigorous activity, some people must worry about it all hours of the day.

People dealing with excessive sweating problems are most often suffering from a condition called hyperhidrosis, in which their sweat glands are operating far more than necessary. The average person has anywhere from two to four million sweat glands throughout their entire bodies. They work as the body’s coolant system to prevent overheating; however, temperature regulation does not affect the excessive sweating experienced by Hyperhidrosis patients.

On average, the eight million Americans who suffer from this condition can sweat up to four or five times more than the regular person. Without hyperhidrosis treatments, this much perspiration can be very evident on the individuals, likely bringing it to the attention of outside parties.

Because of this, there is an extreme amount of anxiety that comes with this condition. An overwhelming 90% of patients report that hyperhidrosis affects their overall emotional state. A survey conducted found that most of these people reported feeling less confident as a result.

Fortunately, there are iontophoresis machines meant to help with excessive sweating. These hyperhidrosis treatments involve the use of local electrical currents, which introduce ionic chemical compounds throughout the body and sweat glands. These operations usually require a few regular treatments over time to officially stop the symptoms of hyperhidrosis.

It’s terrible when an individual suffers from a condition that causes so much social anxiety and is completely out of their control. Any instance of being in close-quarters with people can be an extremely stressful ordeal pop over here. Fortunately, iontophoresis machines, dubbed “no-sweat” machines, can offer the hyperhidrosis treatments that patients need to overcome their condition.



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