Hyperhidrosis Treatments

Hyperhidrosis TreatmentIf you’re suffering from hyperhidrosis, otherwise known as excessive sweating, you’ve probably tried plenty of hyperhidrosis treatments already. From prescription-strength antiperspirant deodorant, to prescription medications — and in a really desperate situation, maybe you’ve even tried something like layering undershirts even in the warmest weather to hide the effects of the problem — ultimately, though, you’ve probably decided that none of these treatments for hyperhidrosis are actually effective in treating hyperhidrosis.

This is where Hidrex USA comes into play, with something called Tap Water Iontophoresis (TWI) hyperhidrosis treatment. Maybe you’ve heard of TWI before, or maybe not, but it’s actually one of the oldest and most effective hyperhidrosis treatments available for patients who suffer from excessive sweating.

Here are a few things you should know about TWI hyperhidrosis treatment:

  • TWI is safe, painless, and simple. It is most often used for the hands, feet and/or underarms, but can really be used for any part of the body. You can choose to have TWI hyperhidrosis treatments at a clinic or purchase the necessary equipment and do the procedures at home. Either way, you still get an effective and pain-free treatment for sweating.
  • The process of TWI is pretty simple: it involves a mild electric current and a tub of water. You simply place your hands and/or feet into the water, and a gentle current of electricity is sent through the water. This current is filled with ions, which pass over your skin and temporarily close the sweat ducts.
  • TWI treatments are temporary, so you’ll need to keep having sessions in order to benefit from the procedure. Most people jumpstart their TWI treatments by having two or three sessions per week, each session lasting about 15 minutes, for a few weeks. After that, patients generally reduce the frequency to one or two sessions per week.
  • Many people balk at the phrase “electric current,” but it’s nothing to worry about — it’s not at all like being shocked with electricity. Some patients don’t feel anything during the treatment sessions at all, while most patients experience a slight tingling sensation that goes away after the session is over.

As long as you’re using safe equipment and you know how to use it properly, the entire process of TWI hyperhidrosis treatments is safe and effective.

Most importantly, with TWI treatments, you can have peace of mind and you can feel confident again.

To learn more about TWI, one of the most effective and most affordable treatments for hyperhidrosis available today, consider the Hidrex USA DVP1000 and the Hidrex USA DP450. Have questions about iontophoresis machines as effective hyperhidrosis treatment? Contact us today.

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