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Iontophoresis machines built to treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)—and empower you to live with confidence.

  • DVP1000 Iontophoresis Machine Package

    $950.00 $850.00

    The revolutionary DVP1000 puts you in total control of your hyperhidrosis treatment. It’s Variable Pulsed Current (VPC) combines the comfort of pulsed current (PC) with the dramatically improved efficiency of direct current (DC). Does DC work better on your feet? Use it! Does VPC work better in more sensitive areas? Use it! Plus, the DVP1000’s programmable presets allow you to change your settings for hands, feet, and underarms at the click of a button. With the DVP1000, every possible treatment combination is at your fingertips.

  • DP450 Iontophoresis Machine Package


    Want to treat excessive sweating in the least amount of time? Use the DP450’s direct current (DC) setting. Rather maximize comfort? Use the DP450’s pulsed current (PC) setting. No matter your preference, the DP450 iontophoresis machine package includes everything you need to effectively treat excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) in your hands and feet.

Join thousands of other Hidrex USA iontophoresis machine fans who have made excessive sweating a thing of the past.

You can (actually) stop sweating excessively

Tap water iontophoresis (TWI) treatment with the proper amount of power has been proven to effectively treat hyperhidrosis in all areas of the body. Sweaty hands and palms, sweaty feet, and sweaty underarms are all areas that TWI can treat very effectively to help with excessive sweating. So, buy your Hidrex USA iontophoresis machine today—and put the frustration and embarrassment of excessive sweating behind you.

Globally-acclaimed iontophoresis machines

Studies conducted with Hidrex tap water iontophoresis (TWI) devices have shown a 98% effective rate in treating hyperhidrosis. And there’s no need to take our word for it—Hidrex iontophoresis machines enjoy glowing reviews from users across the globe. And there’s no shortage of bloggers raving about them. But with an 8-week money-back guarantee, you can try a Hidrex iontophoresis machine for yourself—100% risk-free.

Iontophoresis machines you can afford

The one-time cost of the device delivers an excessive sweating treatment you can (actually) afford. After all, when the only alternatives (that seem to actually work) are treatment methods such as botox or surgery, it’s no wonder that a sub-thousand dollar treatment that actually works has been so celebrated. So, shop Hidrex USA iontophoresis machines to get the relief you want (and need).

Treat excessive sweating—pain-free!

Many hyperhidrosis treatments are expensive. And they’re painful. But if you’re battling excess sweat, you don’t have to hurt your wallet or your body. Hidrex USA iontophoresis machines are not only affordable, but they’re also comfortable. In the end, you get a solution you can afford that’s also incredibly effective.

The all-natural hyperhidrosis treatment

Tap water iontophoreris is the only drug-free, non-surgical solution to stop excessive sweating. That means no subjecting your body to unnatural chemicals. And no surgery. Plus, unlike botulinum toxin (botox), TWI can treat sweaty hands without decreasing sensation.

Not sure? Try a Hidrex iontophoresis machine for 8 weeks—risk-free!

Hidrex tap water iontophoresis machine (TWI) have more power than any other model available in the world, which increases their effectiveness and produces satisfactory outcomes for the user. The DVP1000 model is the ONLY device available that has Variable Pulsed Current to give you the effectiveness of direct current and the comfort level of pulsed current to stop excessive body sweating. And since you can return your Hidrex iontophoresis device within 8 weeks for a full refund, you have nothing to lose, and freedom from the frustration and embarrassment of excessive sweat to gain! So, get your Hidrex iontophoresis machine today!

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