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Could Iontophoresis Treatments Help You Stop Sweating?

by | May 13, 2019

Iontophoresis Treatments

Constant sweating can have a variety of causes. For some people, sweating a lot can be a temporary problem, but for others, always sweating becomes a chronic issue that causes embarrassment and significant discomfort. If this sounds like you, you might be suffering from hyperhidrosis. Iontophoresis treatments could be helpful in treating this condition in certain circumstances.

  • Uncontrolled sweating: For many people, excessive sweating can be managed by identifying common triggers or scenarios that worsen symptoms. For example, some suffer from anxiety-induced issues, and reducing stress can help reduce sweating symptoms. When there are no particular conditions that cause excessive sweating and the issues have become chronic, medical intervention in the form of iontophoresis treatments can help.
  • Long-term solutions: Iontophoresis is a unique form of treatment in that its results have the potential to be lasting over longer periods of time. While many intervention and prevention techniques to address excessive sweating act as temporary measures, iontophoresis can actually shut down the sweat glands within a few treatment sessions. While not a cure for excessive sweating, this makes iontophoresis far more effective in addressing chronic issues, in addition to having fewer negative side effects.
  • Non-pharmaceutical: Not everyone will be able to take medication to help address their out of control sweating. This is either due to existing medications and treatment plans they may be on, weakened immune systems, aversion to taking medications, or other reasons that pharmaceutical options aren’t a possibility. Iontophoresis, meanwhile, does not rely on pharmaceuticals; the process uses small amounts of electricity to shut down the sweat glands, making it accessible to those who cannot take medication.
  • At-home options: Depending on the severity, some people might need to start out with more frequent treatments to address their sweating problems. Those suffering from severe hyperhidrosis may need two to three iontophoresis treatments per week to start. Fortunately, in many cases, iontophoresis sessions can happen at home or wherever is most convenient, meaning you don’t need to make a doctor’s appointment for every single session.

Iontophoresis treatments can be an extremely helpful and effective method for managing hyperhidrosis symptoms. For more information on hyperhidrosis and iontophoresis, contact your doctor.


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