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Everything You Need to Know About Hyperhidrosis Treatment

by | Jun 6, 2019

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About 3% of the United States population has hyperhidrosis, which is an excessive sweating disorder. This condition has been there for a longer period, and as time goes, a considerable number of people continue to be diagnosed with constant sweating. Most of the people who are already suffering from excessive sweating problem don’t know the cause of excessive sweating, which means that they cannot seek the necessary medication as they are not aware of the problem.

Iontophoresis machines have proven to be the most effective cure for excessive sweating. These advanced devices insert the necessary or recommended drug into the skin to prevent excessive sweating. Iontophoresis is said to have been discovered 50 years ago and remains one of the best methods of curing excessive sweating.

In 2015, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of iontophoresis devices to control excessive sweating in the United States. A considerable number of people have been experiencing social, psychological, and mental effects after suffering excessive sweating.

Here are some of the negative effects that people with excessive sweating experience:

1. Bad Odor

Excessive sweating has, for a longer period, been known as a major cause of bad odor among many people. This is likely to be facilitated by the mixer of sweat and cosmetic products that an individual has applied. It is also clear that there are other environmental factors that could lead to bad odor among individuals. People with body odor are often perceived as dirty or unhygienic, which, in most cases, is not their fault.

2. Social Embarrassment

Social embarrassment is another significant negative impact that people with hyperhidrosis have been experiencing for a longer period. There is a societal misconception that any person with excessive sweating is not fit to perform various tasks. People don’t want to sit next to someone with sweat-soaked clothes, so those with hyperhidrosis often feel like outcasts.

3. Spousal Rejection

With excessive sweating, there is a high chance that an individual will be rejected by his or her spouse. Physical intimacy with someone who sweats excessively is more than many spouses are willing to endure. In addition, many people have noted that being seen with someone who sweats excessively makes them feel embarrassed.

4. Discrimination in the Workplace

If you have been suffering from heavy sweating, you are already aware that workplace rejection is a common aspect. Very few employees would want to stay with you in the same office due to the bad odor and the fact that you are likely to wet the couch and other important documents. A considerable number of people have gone ahead to resign from work after experiencing unending discrimination from other employees from the same company.

5. Dehydration

Sweating constantly means that the body is losing a lot of water more than it is gaining. This means that an individual who is suffering from excessive sweating is likely to experience dehydration, especially after spending a longer period without drinking water. They are also required to drink a sufficient amount of water, which is sometimes not good for their overall health. Dehydration has been known to cause death or to result in complex health conditions.

6. Lack of Mineral Salts

Most of the mineral salts in the body are contained in the water in the bloodstream. These ions are essential in controlling hormonal reactions in the body and regulating mineral balances in the entire urinary system and the blood vessels. However, excessive loss of water means there is excessive loss of mineral salts from the body. Such salts need to be replenished through mineral supplements or medication. Failure to which an individual will experience negative health challenges.

Are you experiencing negative mental, social, health, and psychological effects due to excessive sweating? Iontophoresis device is an FDA approved device that can be used in treating hyperhidrosis. These devices have been in use for several years and are currently distributed by Hidrex USA in the United States.

Tired of battling excessive sweat? Stop hyperhidrosis with a Hidrex USA iontophoresis machine.


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