3 Ways to Treat Hyperhidrosis

hyperhidrosisExcessive sweating can be incredibly embarrassing for some patients, as shown by the fact that 90% of patients report that the condition affects their emotions and makes them feel less confident. The most common cause is primary focal hyperhidrosis, which affects about 1% to 3% of the population. Read on for a few simple ways that you can treat this irritating condition!

Professional Deodorant
This is one of the first things a doctor will prescribe to you to attempt to halt the effects of hyperhidrosis. Sometimes, retail deodorants simply do not contain enough of the chemicals needed, and are marketed more toward those with underactive sweat glands, rather than those with hyperactive sweat glands. If this proves not to help with excessive sweating, then doctors may move on to other methods, but many times in mild cases, this will work.

There are also prescription injections that you can invest in, though many doctors will use them as a last resort. These are usually inserted right nears the glands causing the hyperhidrosis issues, in order to close them up. It may take several injections for them to work, however, and they are not guaranteed to last. This means that while they may work and be a viable option for some, they are not the most secure option.

An iontophoresis machine, also known as a no sweat machine, is used in a process that basically¬†tells the sweat glands to stop being overactive. It takes about six to 10 treatments of this before the sweat glands return to a normal state It’s done by the patient sticking their hands or feet in shallow water (or putting a wet pad encasing an electrode onto other body parts), while the device runs a low electrical current throughout.¬† While it is not specifically proven how or why iontophoresis works as a treatment for hyperhidrosis, there is clinical evidence of its efficacy and outcome.

Are you or someone you love struggling with finding help with excessive sweating? Will you be trying any of these treatments?

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