3 Things to Know About Hyperhidrosis

hyperhidrosisExcessive sweating, while it isn’t often dangerous, can be very embarrassing for patients who suffer from it. However, what many patients don’t realize is that many doctors believe that the condition is genetic. In addition, it’s way more common than most people realize, and easier treated than you may know. Read on for just a few things you should know if you need help with excessive sweating.

It might be genetic.
Many doctors and researchers now believe that this may be a genetic condition. Studies have shown that, on average, 30% to 50% of patients have a family member who also has the condition, which implies some sort of genetic predisposition. So while it may be irritating to live with or deal with, rest assured that it’s not necessarily your fault that it’s happening.

It’s more common than you think.
Studies have also shown that there are about 8 million Americans living with hyperhidrosis and sweating four to five times as much as an average person. So while it may sometimes feel like you’re alone in this issue, it is truly not the case! Since it is so common, it makes it much easier to get treatment than most people realize as well.

There are numerous treatments.
There are numerous effective hyperhidrosis treatments. Many start with a prescription, stronger deodorant to see if it takes care of the issue. If that doesn’t work they may move onto medicine or injections. Or patients can turn to iontophoresis. In this process, an electrical current moves through the water a patient has their feet in, and after several treatments, it blocks the sweat glands. For those with a severe condition, this process may be necessary up to three times per week.

Are you or a loved one seeking treatment for this condition? Did you know any of these facts?

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