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3 Options to Treat Excessive Sweating

by | Nov 24, 2015

control excessive sweatingIf you have noticed that you are prone to excessive sweating, you may be embarrassed to ask around for help. However, it’s more common than you may think: it’s caused by primary focal hyperhidrosis, which affects 1% to 3% of the population, and the eight million Americans dealing with the condition sweat four to five times more than the average.

While the human body has two to four million individual sweat glands to help keep the body cool, it may not be that difficult to control excessive sweating. In fact, it may be something as simple as switching the deodorant you use, using more of it, or getting a stronger one prescribed to you by your doctor. Sometimes that simple fix will help out enough to keep it under control.

This is a process that must begin with a professional, but later on you may do it at home once you learn about it. The process involves putting your hands, feet, or both into a shallow tray of water with a low electrical current for about 20 to 30 minutes. It isn’t really understood how this works to control excessive sweating, but most believe it has something to do with blocking the sweat from the surface. This must be repeated several times, but if you do it consistently, some say it stops sweating altogether.

Surgery is only ever recommended when a patient has not responded to any other treatment of excessive sweating. This means that this method, though it is available, is very rarely used. With numerous other types of proven ways to control sweating, it isn’t necessary most of the time. However, if you feel this is the only option for you, consult with your doctor. There are also several options used to neutralize sweating issues.

Don’t be embarrassed about having an excessive sweating problem. Instead, take control and find treatment!


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