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How to Choose the Right Treatments For Hyperhidrosis

by | Sep 26, 2017

how to choose the right treatments for hyperhidrosisDealing with hyperhidrosis can be tough. If you’re one of the 8 million Americans who sweat four to five times more than the average person, you need to figure out a way to control excessive sweating and fight back against hyperhidrosis. How to treat hyperhidrosis is the tricky part. There comes a point when you have to ask yourself how to choose the right treatments for hyperhidrosis.

Here are a few things to consider that will help you ad you figure out how to choose the right treatments for hyperhidrosis and reduce excessive sweating in your daily life.

Set realistic expectations
Realizing that you aren’t going to cure all your issues after a day or two is important. If you go into any treatment with such high expectations, you will likely be disappointed and even more stressed than before. You have to remember that there is no magical cure when battling hyperhidrosis. While certain treatments might provide immediate results, beware that your issues could come back with a vengeance if you aren’t careful. So do your best to set realistic expectations and remain positive.

Talk to your doctor about your situation
You have to consult with a medical professional about any complications you might have before you begin various treatments. Make sure you do some research online and look up what kinds of treatments might work best for you, but tell your doctor everything so they can give you medical advice. Hopefully, you’ll be cleared to give certain treatments a try, but be sure to find out before you take any medications.

Try iontophoresis devices
Iontophoresis therapy typically lasts between 10 and 20 minutes and can be very effective. Iontophoresis is a common technique used to combat hyperhidrosis (especially on the hands and feet). The process involves introducing ionic medicinal compounds to the skin by applying an electric current. Keep in mind that even if this treatment is your best option, it won’t work right away. Severe hyperhidrosis sufferers might need two to three treatments per week to control excessive sweating.

Keep note of your progress
Noting your progress, or lack thereof, is essential as you fight your hyperhidrosis. If you aren’t keeping track of what is and isn’t working, you aren’t going to have much success in the future if you have to continue these treatments. So monitor your progress at every step of the way and continue to speak with your doctor about what’s going on.

If you’re still unsure of how to choose the right treatments for hyperhidrosis or want to speak with professionals with experience in combating excessive sweating, contact Hidrex USA today.


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