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4 Tips for Using Your Iontophoresis Machine

by | Sep 7, 2017

iontophoresisHyperhidrosis is among the primary causes of excessive sweating problems. While this might seem like a minor annoyance, it can have a large impact, especially on quality of life. In fact, of hyperhidrosis sufferers, 90% say that it has a large effect on their emotional well-being and their confidence. Fortunately, there exist tools to help combat this issue.

Iontophoresis is a system in which electricity is used to stop hyperhidrosis. Invented over 50 years ago, this amazing tool has been instrumental in the lives of many. Still, for those just recently diagnosed, it can seem alien.

In order to better facilitate your use of an iontophoresis, we’ve compiled four handy tips that will keep your treatment on track.

  1. Set Expectations: One of the most important things to remember is that there is no magical cure. While iontophoresis is remarkably effective, it also takes time before it can work fully. In fact. It can take up to 10 treatments before you begin to see a result. So don’t sweat it if you end up waiting for your treatment to take effect.
  2. Stick to Your Plan: It might seem silly to state, but you’d be surprised how often people give up on their iontophoresis treatments, or how unattentive they are to their set schedule. Regularity of your treatment is an incredibly important factor in determining its success, so make sure you undergo treatment at the right time and the right duration.
  3. Troubleshoot: If you aren’t seeing the results you want after a certain amount of time, then you should try mixing up your routine — in a controlled way. Experiment with the electrical current you are using or the length of your session to see if it is possible to obtain better results while making only minor adjustments.
  4. Keep a Dairy: Maintaining a diary not just of your treatment information but also about its effectiveness is a helpful way to optimize your iontophoresis treatments. It will help you better spot trends of improvements over the long run.

Iontophoresis machines are a powerful tool for someone trying to understand how to stop hyperhidrosis. But the machine alone may not be enough to help reduce excessive sweating. By following the tips above, you can better empower yourself to beat chronic sweating and regain your confidence and quality of life.


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