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3 Tips and Tricks That Will Help Prevent Excessive Sweating From Ruining Your Day

by | Sep 5, 2017

tips to stop excessive sweatingSweating is a normal bodily function, but it can be a source of extreme embarrassment if it is not controlled properly. No matter why you are sweating, whether it is because of the heat or stress, you may need to take additional measures to ensure sweating doesn’t take over your life.

This is especially true for those who suffer from hyperhidrosis, which is a medical condition that is a cause of excessive sweating. If you suffer from this, don’t fret as there are plenty of tips to stop excessive sweating in its tracks. Here are some easy ideas to follow that will help you cope with heavy sweating in your everyday life.

  • Use antiperspirant — but at night.
    Many people turn to antiperspirant to help combat their sweating, but they don’t apply it at the right time. Most antiperspirants work the best at night time as the active ingredients have to go down deep into the sweat duct to clog it. Applying at night gives this time to soak in, when applying in the morning adds to the risk of it washing off.
  • Think about your clothes
    Dressing strategically can mean the difference between damp clothes and clothes that feel comfortable throughout the day. We recommend that you choose clothes with fabrics that are airy and breathable; the lighter the clothes, the more loosely woven the threads will be and the cooler you’ll feel. When it gets colder out, try to dress in layers so you’ll feel comfortable.
  • Invest in iontophoresis treatment
    An iontophoresis treatment is a common technique used to combat sweating, especially on the hands and feet. It introduces ionic medicinal compounds to the skin by applying a local electric current and can be prescribed by a doctor for those who suffer from extreme cases of hyperhidrosis. However, know that this treatment won’t work immediately, as severe hyperhidrosis sufferers may need two to three iontophoresis treatments per week to see adequate results.

Remember, it is crucial that you figure out the reasons behind your sweating to adequately treat it. Simply following these tips to stop excessive sweating will help you live a comfortable life, so try out different methods today to find what works best for you.


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