Why Are My Hands Sweating So Much?

clammy hands treatmentMeeting new people can be an anxiety-inducing task when you sweat excessively. Having sweaty hands makes introductions awkward, and introductions are already awkward to begin with. This social anxiety and stress can in turn make you sweat even more. It’s a viscous, anxiety-inducing cycle. However, excessive sweating isn’t just a quirk or matter of stress; it’s a real medical condition.

While it can be stressful to discover you have a medical condition, there is some good news: medical conditions can be treated. And if you need help with excessive sweating, first it helps to understand a bit about why humans sweat in the first place.

The average person can have between two and four million sweat glands. We perspire when our bodies become hot and those sweat glands activate. The sweat then evaporates, cooling us down. Some of our sweat glands are only for temperature regulation, while others are also triggered by stress, anxiety, and fluctuating hormones.

What is the cause of excessive sweating?
Hyperhidrosis is a condition that causes continuous sweating regardless of environmental conditions. It can happen all over your body, but the primary type of hyperhidrosis manifests in the feet, palms, armpits, and face. Primary hyperhidrosis is the overproduction of sweat from eccrine sweat glands, which are most prevalent in those areas. Basically, excessive sweating is caused by the overreaction of the nerves triggering the eccrine gland’s response.

What do I do about sweating hands?
Those who don’t suffer from hyperhidrosis tend to massively underestimate how crippling of a condition it can be. When your confidence in meeting people is so low, you can quite easily spiral into a depressed state. So if you’re after a clammy hands treatment that works, there are a few options to help you through this rough time.

  • Prescription antiperspirant is a decent option if you only have an issue with armpit sweating. It also treats the symptom, not the problem, so you might have to reapply it throughout the day.
  • Anticholinergic pills are effective at stopping sweating in its tracks but come with risky side effects like heart palpitations.
  • Iontophoresis is perhaps the least dangerous and most effective method. It works by putting electrodes into a bowl of water in which you soak your hands, and then running a low current through the water. The leading theory is that you still sweat after, but it never reaches your skin.

If you find that you need a clammy hands treatment because excessive sweating is affecting your social life, talk to your doctor today about your best treatment options.

Hyperhidrosis And Sweaty Horses: Do Animals Sweat?

excessive sweating problemIt’s perfectly normal for humans to sweat. Perspiration, or sweating, is your body’s way to regulate body temperature and cool you down. However, some people suffer from an excessive sweating problem.

An excessive sweating problem is often the cause of primary focal hyperhidrosis, which affects between 1% to 3% of the population. This is a genetic condition which causes the sweat glands to produce more sweat than necessary.

But if hyperhidrosis is genetic, then does that mean animals may be suffering from the same condition? Is it possible for animals to even sweat? As it turns out, they can.

Sweating Animals, Not To Be Confused With Summer Athletes
When the brain detects a change in the body’s temperature, it sends a message to the sweat glands to produce perspiration. Made from water, potassium, minerals, and salt, your sweat beads onto your skin and transfers the heat from your body to the sweat molecules. From there, the sweat evaporates and effectively takes away the heat.

It’s a pretty cool process. But it’s a process limited only to mammals.

Only mammals have sweat glands. However, only certain mammals such as horses and primates have sweat glands in large enough numbers to regulate body temperature. Other mammals have to rely on other ways to stay cool.

Staying Cool With The Latest (Body Regulating) Trends
You probably know about pigs rolling in the mud in order to stay cool in hot temperatures. But did you know they do this because the water in the mud transfers heat away from their skin and evaporates just like sweat?

You also probably know that dogs pant to keep cool. But the reason behind it is because panting allows the moisture in the dog’s mouth to evaporate and reduce overall body temperature.

What About Constant Sweating?
Horses have been known to sweat the most when it comes to mammals. However, whether other animals as a species suffer from sweating constantly due to hyperhidrosis is unknown.

Fortunately, if you are sweating a lot and want to stop the sweat, there are clinical ways to seek hyperhidrosis treatments. For more information on iontophoresis machines and other hyperhidrosis products to treat excessive sweating, contact Hidrex USA today.